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Luca Trevisani


Luca Trevisani artista visivo attivo tra l'Italia e la Germania. Nei suoi lavori niente è stabile. "Non so se si tratti di lotta con il disequilibrio, forse di stadi di definizione. Di certo la salvezza non è nella forma chiusa delle cose. Dobbiamo arrenderci al logorio delle cose. È meglio dimenticarsi i confini tra le singole opere, come i confini tra i singoli pensieri, non esistono più immagini, ma solo catene di immagini." Trevisani ha esposto in spazi pubblici e privati, in Italia e all’estero, tra i quali: Macro Roma, Magasin Grenoble, Mart Rovereto, Biennale d’Architettura Venezia, Museion Bolzano, MOT Tokyo, Daimler Kunstsammlung Berlino, CCA Antratx Mallorca, Giò Marconi Milano, Pinksummer Genova, MAMbo Bologna, Mehdi Chouakri Berlino, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Torino, Museo Marino Marini Firenze, Live Arts Week Bologna. Ha pubblicato The effort took ist tools (Argobooks, 2008), Luca Trevisani (Silvana Editoriale, 2009), The art of Folding for young and old (Cura 2012), Water Ikebana (Humboldt Books, 2014), Luca Trevisani (Snoeck, 2014), e realizzato il documentario di fantascienza Glaucocamaleo (2014). Dal 2010 gestisce la piattaforma editoriale latecomerforerunner.

www.lucatrevisani.eu    lucatrevisanipictures.com 


Luca Trevisani, visual artist working between Italy and Germany. His research ranges between sculpture and video, and cross border disciplines such as performing arts, graphics, design, experimental cinema or architecture. In his installations the historic features of the sculpture are questioned and even subverted. The instability is a characteristic of his work, a developmental status magnetic and mutant that expands and contracts without stopping the boundaries between each element of the work and the environment, which now becomes irradiated, now undisputed .Nothing is stable in his work. "I do not know if it is a fight with disequilibrium, perhaps stages of definition. Surely salvation does not lie in the closeness of things. We must surrender to the wearing of things. It is better to forget the borders between the individual works, as well as the boundaries between individual thoughts: there are no images anymore, only chains of images." Trevisani exhibited in major art centres and museums, He published The effort Took its tools (Argobooks, 2008), Luca Trevisani (Silvana Editoriale, 2009), The art of Folding for young and old (Cura 2012), Water Ikebana (Humboldt Books, 2014), Luca Trevisani (Snoeck, 2014), and directed the science-fiction documentary film Glaucocamaleo (2012). Since 2012 he collaborates with the dance company MK. From 2010 he manages the editorial platform latecomerforerunner.