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Chris Peck


Chris Peck condivide con Atlas l'irrequietezza e la capacità di lavorare in numerosi e diversi progetti: collabora con vari musicisti (Chris Forsyth, Jaime Fennelly, Jon Moniaci tra gli altri) e con molte compagnie di danza e coreografi (tra cui Beth Gill, John Jasperse, David Horfmann ecc). A Brooklyn dirige un ensemble di noise acustico composto da 25 elementi.

Chris Peck is a Michigan-born, Brooklyn-based composer investigating the peculiarities of listening and perception through a diverse practice that includes works for large untrained groups, interdisciplinary performance collaborations, and improvisation with the computer. His frequent work with dance has included scores for RoseAnne Spradlin, Eleanor Bauer, John Jasperse, David Dorfman, Jeanine Durning, Ming Yang/Dance Forum Taipei, Abby Yager, and others. Ongoing projects include Listening Music for the Age of Crystal Moon Cone, a series of ambient electroacoustic performances and recordings with Stephen Rush and Jon Moniaci, Brooklyn Adult Recorder Choir, directed with choreographer Beth Gill, the Live Sh-- performance series curated with Chase Granoff, live electronic music for The Intensity Police Are Working My Last Gay Nerve with video artist Charles Atlas, Manpack Variant, an electronics duo with Jaime Fennelly, and electric guitar accompaniment for the diary entries of Asubtout's Eleanor Hullihan and Katy Pyle.