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intuizioni sul mondo in attesa che diventino una costruzione compiuta - Kinkaleri & guests

23/4/2007 - 26/4/2007
W, Galleria Accursio Bologna

Wanted. Intuizioni sul mondo in attesa che diventino una costruzione compiuta é un progetto speciale nato da una sollecitazione di Siemens Arts Program e realizzato in cooperazione con Xing per F.I.S.Co.07.  Il gruppo Kinkaleri é stato invitato a sviluppare un progetto articolato sui temi del coinvolgimento e della responsabilità, progetto che coordina anche importanti collaborazioni con artisti e critici  internazionali e italiani. Wanted si sostanzia come uno spazio in continua trasformazione: la Galleria Accursio, sotto Piazza Maggiore, diventerà un centro temporaneo ridefinito quotidianamente da un flusso di eventi  performativi, distensioni abitative, condivisioni sonore, stati contemplativi, riflessioni e interviste, coinvolgendo i visitatori in un'esperienza estetica che focalizza l'attenzione sulla presenza e l'esposizione. Domande semplici, richieste dirette, esercizi di traduzione, ovvero la trivializzazione dell'atto di creazione sono il punto di partenza di ciascuno dei quattro capitoli giornalieri di Wanted.  La serie di appuntamenti (dalla durata variabile da 3 a 7 ore) sarà innescata dall’osservazione attiva dei critici Joe Kelleher e Fabio Acca.

"Wanted si compone della propria polverizzazione, in modo utopico e apocalittico. Ogni atto di Wanted  si riferisce alla politica della presenza che si espone per compiere un dovere e svolgere un compito. Wanted  potrebbe essere il nome di una bomba."

intuizioni sul mondo in attesa che diventino una costruzione compiuta
progetto speciale di Kinkaleri
con  Fabio Acca, Federico Bacci, Romeo Castellucci, Forced Entertainment, Joe Kelleher, Kinkaleri, Barbara Manzetti, Nico Vascellari
un'iniziativa di Siemens Arts Program in cooperazione con Xing/F.I.S.Co.07

Galleria Accursio
Piazza Nettuno - Bologna


Questions of involvement, commitment, and responsibility formed the starting point for an art project initiated by Siemens Arts Program and realized in cooperation with the Italian cultural network Xing. The artists’ group Kinkaleri from Prato has been invited to develop a project lasting several days at the historical center of Bologna, which will involve the visitors in art situations. An installation space will be set up by the artists under the Piazza del Nettuno, the main plaza in Bologna, that will permanently be transformed and give rise to different performance situations. Visitors can enter it much as they would an exhibition space and are involved into an aesthetic experience that focuses their attention on presence and exposure.

Kinkaleri installs a volume in a ticketless place for an apocalyptic construction of the wonder. Different ways to display the exposure to practices of the presence in a place constantly reshaping itself through a flux of performative events, housing distensions and relaxations, soundscapes, items engendering contemplative states. 'Wanted' composes itself of its own pulverization, in a utopian way; it develops in four days distinguished by variable contents and durations of expanded times, arranged in a unique long fragment.

Here at the hub of city life, Kinkaleri will condense different experiences of time and space. The room beneath the streets will be constantly restructured by means of wooden panels, becoming by turns an object, an installation space, a stage, or simply a utility room – only to be extended in the next action right out into urban space. In this way, alternating relationships between observers and performance techniques can be plumbed anew in tempero-spatial configurations. Thus a corridor initially 10 metres long and consisting of wooden panels which serve at first as a writing wall, will be converted over the next few days into a long table for different conversational situations, before the space is finally emptied and transformed into an audio room with a sound-damping floor.
As quasi a counterpoint to the increasing rate of acceleration in urban life, the group works with layerings of different temporal levels, with duration and the discrepancies between the sense of time and temporal experience, in order to create an awareness of all that happens simultaneously. In keeping with this, synchronous speech situations will be devised, including interviews, dialogues, questions, interrogations, conversations, or staged speech acts. Their focus of interest is on what falls outside of the alleged time continuum, and on what the foreignness and inconclusiveness of temporal experience bring into play.
Wanted. Intuitions about the world waiting to become an established theory is about wanting and waiting for what occurs – or perhaps will never occur. Not for nothing do theatre reformers like Beckett and Brecht make an appearance. Ultimately Kinkaleri is concerned with constantly trying to find out what the fields of theatre, dance, the visual arts, sound and music, architecture, and dance have to say about us and our world.

The interdisciplinary approach taken by the artists’ formation Kinkaleri, plus the various directions in their works all accord with their investigation of ‘reality’ – their search for the difference between the real and the surreal. In a social situation that seems in many places to have reached a dead-end, the hope for wonders is growing. These cannot be clearly grasped or sighted, for they shift and vanish. With their performance work, Kinkaleri will be giving a different emphasis on each of four days, with each day involving different artists from different fields as collaborators. Filmmaker Federico Bacci, the director Romeo Castellucci and the performer Barbara Manzetti  will take part in a variety of conversational situations, assignments, questions and performance acts. The visual artist and musician Nico Vascellari will contribute with a sound intervention. And the performance Quizoola! by the British performance group Forced Entertainment will be integrated into the proceedings: an extraordinary six-hour marathon consisting of 2,000 questions – sometimes whispered, sometimes hollered. A comic and sometimes brutal interrogation that quickly gets out of control. Critic Fabio Acca and theatre scholar Joe Kelleher will enter a dialogue with the participating artists, pose questions, and produce texts in their role as both observers and participants.

Galleria Accursio
Piazza Nettuno - Bologna