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Hans van Den Broeck


Hans van Den Broeck (1964) ha studiato psicologia a Louvain, in Belgio, prima di seguire dei corsi di cinema a New York. Queste esperienze l'accompagnano nella carriera di danzatore, performer, coreografo e cineasta. A New York danza con la Tootmother Company, e, ritornato in Belgio, si mette a lavorare con Alain Platel a Bruxelles e Gent. Nel 1992 mette in scena la sua prima produzione How to approach a dog sostenuto dalla compagnia di Platel Les Ballets C. de la B. Seguono Everyman (1999), (They fees we) Eat Eat Eat (1996), La Sortie (1999), Induced Sleep (2000), uno spettacolo con danzatori di Hong Kong. L'ultimo lavoro Lac de Singes ha debuttato a Bruxelles al Kunsten festival des Arts 2001. Ha realizzato inoltre la performance Au Progrès, il cortometraggio Eyes on the Back e l'installazione video Ways of Watching.

After graduating in Psychology at the University of Leuven (B), Hans Van den Broeck continued his studies in Film at the City University of New York. Upon his return to Belgium, he danced in several performances by Alain Platel and became a choreographer of the collective, les ballets C de la B, which he also co-founded. Within this company, Hans Van den Broeck directed several internationally-touring pieces: ‘How to approach a dog’ (1992),‘Everyman’ (1994), ‘(They Feed, We) Eat, Eat, Eat’ (1996), ‘Au progrès (1998), ‘La Sortie’ (1999), ‘Induced Sleep’ (2000), ‘Lac des Singes’ (2001). Les Ballets C de la B became very successful and unfolded into a large company structure, solidifying its position in the dance world with notable characteristics. After twelve years Hans Van den Broeck left the acclaimed company in order to return to the grassroots of his independent work. He established his own company by the name SOIT, standing for Stay only if temporary. Since the birth of SOIT and with the same uncompromising authenticity, he has continued to work consistently, further developing his distinctive, daring voice. With SOIT he has created four major productions (‘Almost Dark’ (2004), ‘En Servicio (2006), ‘We Was Them’ (2009), ‘Messiah Run!’ (2012) and many other projects (‘Deed of Arrangement’ (2003),Durchgang (2005), Café Prückel (2010). Hans Van den Broeck’s work is rough, visceral, uncompromising, committed, suggestive, poetical, visual and cinematic. Alongside his dance productions, Hans Van den Broeck has also created film projects. He directed several semi-fiction videos, such as: ‘Eyes on the back’ (1998), ‘Ways of watching’ (1998), Odeur de Sainteté (2003), Alivetoo (2008) and ‘Homeland’ (2011). ‘Our Circumscribed Days’ (2000), a rhythmical portrait on Moscow, won the ‘Prix du Jury’ at the ‘Entrainements # 4’ festival in Paris in 2003.